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Youth Future Lab organized an 8 week-long Hinna decoration training program aimed at preserving and promoting the traditional art form within the local community. The Hinna Decoration Training Program proved to be a resounding success, equipping participants with the necessary skills to preserve and promote the art of Hinna decoration, thereby fostering a deeper appreciation for cultural heritage within the community. The training program successfully trained 75 participants, including individuals with varying levels of experience in Hinna decoration. Participants were exposed to a diverse curriculum covering traditional Hinna designs, modern application techniques, and the cultural significance of Hinna in local ceremonies and celebrations.The program emphasized the importance of preserving the heritage and cultural significance of Hinna decoration for future generations. The Hinna Decoration Training Program served as a pivotal platform for nurturing local talent and preserving the cultural heritage of Hinna decoration. Through its comprehensive curriculum and practical approach, the program successfully empowered participants to embrace their cultural identity while fostering a sustainable pathway for economic empowerment and community development


  • Participants demonstrated improved proficiency in intricate Hinna designs and reported a heightened sense of confidence in their ability to execute various patterns.
  • Several participants expressed interest in utilizing their newly acquired skills to generate income by providing Hinna decoration services for local events and festivals.
  • The training program fostered a supportive environment, encouraging participants to share their knowledge and experiences, thereby strengthening community bonds.


Limited availability of certain specialized materials posed a challenge during the practical sessions. However, alternative resources were utilized to ensure the continuity of the training program.

Conclusion The Hinna Decoration Training Program successfully nurtured local talent and encouraged the preservation of this cultural heritage. The program empowered participants to embrace their cultural identity and provided opportunities for economic growth within the community.

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